Metrologist/Calibration Specialist--QAQAA18

Date: 23 May 2024

Location: Fraser, US

Company: Bmt International SA

Long Description

General Characteristics and purpose
Calibrates QA measurements equipment and develops, repairs, documents and maintains calibration systems for QA measurements equipment, in accordance with precise standards and procedure, to ensure measurement accuracy and equipment functions under controlled conditions. 

Representative Activities

  • Performs calibration, testing, troubleshooting and repairs measuring and test equipment. 
  • Completes required documentation to certify the verification and calibration of measuring and test equipment.
  • Assists in diagnosing causes of equipment failures and identifying corrective actions to address measurement problems. 
  • Adapts equipment, standards and procedures to accomplish unique measurements. 
  • Adjusts the machines for optimal performance.

Scope Variants

Works under close guidance and detailed work instructions; work is closely supervised by manager; complex items are handed over to a senior colleague


Identifies technical malfunctions of measurement equipment and reports the problems


Makes repairs and adjustments on simple/not complex QA measurement equipment, based on interpretation of design and manuals

Job Segment: Aerospace, Aviation