OMCO Croatia is a plant with a long history. It goes way back to the 1860s. It started out as a small business in the glass industry and became part of the OMCO family in 1997. Ever since then, we have grown from a company with 150 employees to a company with over 760 employees. A lot of our employees have seen this evolution as they were there already from the very beginning. Some of our employees do even have the ambition to spend a lifetime working with OMCO. We can only be grateful for their loyalty. It made sure OMCO Croatia became a real family, together always reaching for higher targets. We want to perform above expectations and like to be challenged!

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  • Meet Branimir Blažun!

    He started in 1999 performing AC/BC milling at OMCO, today he is the operation manager of the neckrings. What does he has to say about OMCO?

    "I acquired the majority of my knowledge and experience through working at OMCO, where I was granted the chance to work, learn on a daily basis, receive additional education and training, and progress. OMCO is a company that values its work, results and employees. I have aspirations to remain employed with OMCO for the duration of my career."

-  Vanja Canjuga Čavužić  -

" The company has undergone considerable transformation due to its expansive growth. Every day is different here, you never know what will happen. We need to respond fast and promptly and ultimately; customer satisfaction has been rewarding. They keep providing the company with additional purchase orders, thus helping us to be a leading mould maker in the world. Being part of this gives me great satisfaction! "