Spotlight on Cyber Security Champion: Interview with BMT Group's Top Performer

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber security, BMT Group understands the crucial role it plays in safeguarding its operations. To further enhance cyber security awareness among employees, BMT has taken several steps already. For example, multi-factor authentication has been succesfully implemented for all employees, enhancing the cyber security across the whole group. In addition, BMT Group introduced mandatory training sessions, accompanied by an incentive for the top performer. We're happy to shine a light on this year's winner: Dennis Wyne (OMCO Group)! We sat down with him to discuss his job and what his view of cyber security entails.

1. Hi Dennis, first of all congratulations! To start off our Q&A, can you explain your job and how cyber security relates to it?
Hello, yes of course.I am the Local Area Sales Administrator for OMCO USA. That means that I am responsible for sales and service operations for our North American customers. Cyber security is crucial in my role as I believe it is everyone's responsibility to protect the company from harm. I track shipments to North America and resolve any issues, and ensuring data security is a significant part of my responsibilities.

2. How long have you been working at OMCO, and have you noticed the growing importance of cyber security during your career?
I've been with OMCO since November 2020. Over this relatively short period, I have witnessed the growing importance of cyber security. New and more sophisticated types of malicious activities emerge daily, making it increasingly challenging to differentiate between genuine and fake threats.

3. Is your interest in cyber security purely professional, or does it extend to personal affairs as well?
Cyber security is important in both professional and personal aspects of life. I recognize the dangers of identity theft and believe that being aware of cyber security is essential for safeguarding personal information.

4. Do you think your colleagues are aware of the importance of cyber security?
Yes, the awareness of cyber security importance is present among my colleagues. We regularly communicate with each other about suspicious emails and share information to ensure we are all well-informed.

5. Can you share a memorable incident or story related to cyber security that highlights the importance of being cautious?
Certainly. We had a customer who fell victim to a ransomware attack, which severely impacted their entire operation. It took months to restore normal operations. This incident highlighted the potential consequences of a single click on a malicious link and reinforced the importance of exercising caution.

6. As the top performer in the cyber security training sessions, why do you think you achieved the best score?
I have always prioritized cyber security and adopted a "better safe than sorry" approach. I lean towards caution and take the necessary steps to ensure data and system security.

7. Did you learn anything new during the trainings? Are there practices you implemented after the training?
The training sessions provided valuable insights. I learned how to identify suspicious web addresses and gained tips on creating secure passwords. While the lessons reinforced my existing practices, they also motivated me to be even more diligent in my approach.

8. In your opinion, what are the biggest threats to cyber security at OMCO?
I believe the biggest threats at OMCO are malicious emails containing infected links and attachments. These can easily compromise our systems and data if not approached with caution.

9. What cyber security practices do you think every employee should adopt in their daily work routine?
Every employee should be cautious, prioritize safety, and take time to think before reacting. It's important to use strong passwords and ensure all devices are secured.

10. Will you be competing to win again next time?
Absolutely! I am thrilled to have won the wireless headset and the unexpected prize was a great motivator. I will definitely participate again in the future competitions.

To conclude, the esteemed winner of BMT Group's cyber security training competition, exemplifies the importance of cyber security awareness. Through their dedication and proactive approach to data protection, they set an example for colleagues within the organization. By fostering a culture of caution and diligence, BMT Group aims to strengthen its cyber security posture in the face of ever-evolving threats.

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