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Manufacturing products of high quality is of the utmost importance for our customers. Obtaining a certain level of quality products is no easy task and requires continuous improvement, technical evolution, and a massive team effort. To get a better view of what it is like to work in an environment that manufactures high precision products for a demanding market, we had a conversation with VCST Romania's Quality Manager, Alin Pascu.

1. Hello Alin, can you explain your role in VCST?

Hello! Yes, of course. I'm Alin Pasco, I am the Quality Manager for VCST Romania. I have been working for VCST for 9 years now. I can say that I grew up, learned and trained as a professional in this place.

2. Did you always have the role of Quality Manager?

No, I started as an Operator in the Production Department in 2013, after which, at the beginning of 2014, I was promoted as Quality Inspector in the Quality Department. In 2015 I had access to the position of Quality Engineer, and after 8 months, I had the chance to be responsible for the implementation of new projects, in the position of Project Quality Engineer. In the middle of 2017, I was promoted as Project Team Leader in the Quality Department. After almost 2 years, I had the chance to work in the Global Quality Department, in VCST Belgium, and in March of 2020, I accepted the challenge of the Quality Manager position, in VCST Romania.

3. That is quite a career path you have taken already! What does VCST mean to you?

For me, VCST means several things: chance for success, opportunity for professional development, the place where you can build a career if you are passionate about what you do, the place where people without experience in this field can become professionals, the place where young graduates can become experts in different areas of the Automotive industry. VCST is also about people and the team, as they say: "the man sanctifies the place". This company offers the chance to be part of a high-performing team, where daily challenges are managed within the team, not individually. The place where people have the chance to develop new technologies and systems in the Automotive industry.

4. Can you explain your role as a Quality Manager?

Regarding the Management Team, the role is quite complex, but in a few words: it is about continuously ensuring customer requirements, production and logistics of parts at the quality level required by each individual customer. Evaluating and managing risks is essential to provide support to the teams in each department, to implement and develop new projects within the factory, to support and respect Automotive standards and customer requirements at the highest level.

Regarding the Quality team, my role is to continuously ensure the quality requirements of the clients, to implement and support the quality policy within the company, to inspire and motivate to obtain the best results. Another important aspect of my job is to effectively standardize the manufacturing processes using core tools. Also, the role is to improve the audit program, to create the culture that motivates people towards responsibility and to have a customer-oriented attitude, taking into account the risk analysis.

5. VCST Romania has a day to celebrate Zero PPM. What does that mean, exactly?

Zero PPM stands for "Zero Parts Per Million." It is a quality management concept used in manufacturing and production processes to achieve a target of zero defects or errors. The term PPM refers to the number of defective or nonconforming parts per one million units produced. The Zero PPM goal aims to minimize or eliminate defects, ensuring that all products meet the required quality standards. It is particularly crucial in industries where product quality is of utmost importance, such as the automotive industry. The goal of Zero PPM is based on exceeding customer expectations, it is the company's quality policy and a very good method to measure quality performance.

6. Why a day dedicated to Quality?

As quality is one of our most important ambitions, we introduced this day to celebrate the exceptional results of the VCST Romania team. This way, we thank them for their efforts and keep this goal alive in the team.

7. As quality is so important, do you think VCST is a good place to start for young graduates?

Yes, technical knowledge is important, but so is professional development. A technical base is of course important, but here at VCST, we aim to support our employees in their professional growth.

8. So you would say that VCST is a good place for young graduates to grow?

Definitely yes! it is a very suitable place for professional development, where young people can even become experts in time. They are part of a high-performing team and can receive support to get where they want to be. Everything depends on their goals and how much they want to develop professionally.

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