Profile in the picture: Karel Storme

Every work environment has that go-to person. The person you rely on, the one who knows every in and out of the company. The person who gives great advice and the one you can't imagine not being there. In our BMT Group plants, we for sure have a few of these people in our teams. For the IGW Belgium plant, Karel Storme is one of these people.

After 43 years of working for IGW, Karel is retiring at the beginning of May 2023. We sat down with him during his last months to ask a couple of questions about his experience at IGW.

1. Can you explain your job?
(Laughs) I can't describe my job. Every day is different. One day I'm fixing a part, the next I'm polishing another part. There is no routine, and that is what I like.

2. How long have you been working at IGW?
I have been working at IGW for 43 years. IGW was the first company I ever worked for. Back then, I started at the company together with 12 class mates. I have seen people leave, I have seen people grow, but I'm still here after all those years.

3. Why did you choose to work for the company?
Back then, jobs like mine were promoted via the schools. IGW had a very good reputation in our school and when I was offered to work here, I didn't hesitate.

4. What do you like most about your job?
Turning. I'm a turner in heart and lungs. If they were to make me mill or grind every day, I would have left the company a long time ago. The beauty in turning is to see a piece of metal evolve in the shape of the part. You can feel and see that you are making something. Seeing the result gives me satisfaction.

5. What is an advantage of working for IGW?
You get the trust and the freedom to look for solutions. A person that's willing to take measures in his own hands is able to get a lot of freedom at IGW. I always say that working at IGW means you have to be a little entrepreneur. You have to be able to see where things can improve and think about how to improve them. Just like running a small business.

6. You had an incredibly long career at IGW, what are the biggest changes for you in all these years?
The evolution of technology and the equipment that is used. I'm old school, I know how to sharpen my tools manually. Not everyone knows how to do that anymore. Technology has changed immensely, changing the way that we work drastically.

7. You are about to retire, will you miss certain things at IGW?
I will miss the team the most. I'll often think about my colleagues when I leave for retirement. I had a lot of great moments with them and I'll miss them for sure.



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