QA/QC Technician--QAQAA3

Date: 18 Sep 2023

Location: Iasi, RO

Company: Bmt International SA

Long Description

General Characteristics and purpose
Performs inspections and quality checks at any stage of operation or subassembly to detect defects and other issues impacting quality and ensure that inspected material conform to quality specifications.


Representative Activities

  • Reads and interprets blueprints, sketches and specifications.
  • Performs (visually) critical first-piece inspections. Performs quality check on products, materials, components etc. according to specifications.
  • Identifies causes of rejects and follows them for corrective action. 
  • Approves vendor material or operations or checks the finished product. 
  • Calibrates measuring instruments using standards. 
  • Sorts materials and/or marks defects for repairs. 


Scope Variants
Type of work

Performs non-routine work requiring knowledge of diverse tools and techniques 
(ex.: examine production quality, approves production machines, etc.)



Works under close guidance and detailed work instructions; work is closely supervised by manager; complex items are handed over to a senior colleague


Performs standardized tests/quality checks and is highly experienced in specific area of attention within QA/QC subdiscipline. 
Has knowledge exceeding own discipline to anticipate on related production processes