We believe that people make the success of our company. The engagement of our employees and their enthusiasm to achieve greater things makes each team member strive to meet the expectations of our customers. People are key to deliver qualitative products and services to our customers. We take care not only for our employees and for our customers, but also for the society and the environment in which we operate, by making efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators. 


Our drive for excellence makes us the preferred business partner in the niche market segments of high quality moulds for the glass container industry and additionally in metal castings for the machining markets. We are working conscientiously on a daily basis to improve our quality, efficiency and cost. As a result of these efforts, our products and technologies are recognized as the best in our playfield.


We strive to create prosperity for all our stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, government authorities and the society in general. We embrace technological innovation and we aim for partnerships with stakeholders who walk the path of a sustainable future.

Our key believes

The way we treat our people is reflected in some guiding principles, key beliefs that make the difference for delivering a meaningful workplace to our employees. We believe we can make a tangible difference by making these key beliefs the cornerstones of all our actions:

Talent is the capital of our company

We support the development of our employees in order to maintain the match between our strategy, organizational needs and people’s expectations. At OMCO attitude and competence go hand in hand, it is not sufficient to demonstrate only technical competences or only right behaviour. Our people are dedicated professionals who live the OMCO way of doing things. In order to enable the development of talent we always look for internal promotion as a first step in our recruitment process.

Leadership is all about empowerment and teamwork

We strongly believe that leadership starts with knowing and developing oneself. Within OMCO the success of a great leader is all about empowering others and facilitating teamwork. Taking care of our people is a shared responsibility of the Line Managers and the Human Resources department. To support our managers and supervisors in their leadership role we offer them training to enhance self-awareness, coaching, communication and teamwork.

We aim high and go all the way

OMCO builds for the future of the company and for the employability of the people by launching ambitious goals with the aim of bringing focus, embracing change and stimulating innovation at all levels. Our challenging business plans make us “aim high and go all the way”. We want that customers, suppliers, shareholders feel this ambition in all our interactions.

Open communication is our mirror for fairness

Communication is key to keeping our people’s commitment. We believe that relevant transparent communication is a mirror for fairness. We communicate with candour and respect and we give honest feedback to each other. Our flat organization structure, short communication lines and no-nonsense mentality enable us to share a lot of information in an informal way. At the same time the use of pragmatic working procedures and reporting tools allows us to embed the necessary discipline.

We think global and act local

The performance of OMCO is built upon operational, technical and financial aspects of our business and it’s equally essential to highlight the outstanding contributions and commitment from all our teams throughout the group. At each location we have local people who master the art of combining knowledge of regional matters with our group vision, thus maintaining the focus on the global strategic objectives.